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You’ve probably read that we Brits like our Kindle books on the cheap, they say “the UK Kindle market is highly cost sensitive” but that amounts to the same thing.

You might even have heard that almost half the Kindle books sold in the UK go for 99p or less. I suspect that I may account for more than my fair share of that.

I’ve been a rabid consumer of the daily deal and when looking for ways to push my own book I found out about Kindle Countdown Deals. Simply put you set a low price like 99p and after a period of time the price rises back towards the full price in between one and four steps. It can be 99p for a week and then back to £3.99 or 99p for 56 hours and then £1.99 for the next 56 hours and so on.

This is a fun little thing that you can do as an author to see if you can drive sales using a time limited sale. I don’t know how well it works, I’ll report back.

There is a cool down period of 14 days where you can’t alter the price again, but if you’re smart you’ll be doing a social media campaign during the offer period and you’ll want a couple of weeks off after that in  darkened room with a martini and a good book.

The deals are easy to miss since they only last for a week at most however Amazon do collect them in one place:

At the time of writing you can get Raymond L. Weil’s latest Lost Fleet book for 99p as long as you get it in the next 26 hours. If you just checked to see when this article was published then the countdown sales method works.

I love a bargain so I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if there’s anything you simply cannot miss.

About Mark Willoughby

Mark Willoughby is the author of "After the Event" an adventure story set in a future full of superheroes, giant robots and aliens. He is currently working on a spy novel so he has a very dodgy looking search history.

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