Monthly Archives: November 2017

Creating a draft on CreateSpace

The moment has come, you’ve written the last word, dotted the line and your first draft is complete. What next? Well for me it’s a quick read through and then get a printed draft. There are lots of reasons to do this, a printed copy makes the book feel more real, it also looks more real to other people. Perhaps ...

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Plot and structure – a review and why it’s important

I wrote a book. Apparently it is quite good – now anyway. But I went about it without really knowing what to do, without any real understanding of what makes a book work. Imagine understanding how a car works in principle, but not knowing how the parts worked together. Well the same was true of writing. I could understand what ...

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Proofs coming to KDP

After a long wait authors will soon be able to order proof copies through the KDP paperback service. For more than a year you’ve been able to add a paperback version of your book  but crucially you couldn’t order proof or wholesale author copies making it less attractive than CreateSpace, also owned by Amazon. These options were supposed to be ...

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