Proofs coming to KDP

After a long wait authors will soon be able to order proof copies through the KDP paperback service. For more than a year you’ve been able to add a paperback version of your book  but crucially you couldn’t order proof or wholesale author copies making it less attractive than CreateSpace, also owned by Amazon. These options were supposed to be coming eventually yet after a year there was still no sign.

With little or no fanfare KDP has added both proofs and wholesale author copies to the list of features available. As ever there’s a caveat with a footnote promising that they’ll be available “over the next few weeks”.

Potentially this is very good news for us in the UK, as good as the service CreateSpace is there’s not getting around the fact that it takes a while for proofs to be delivered and delivery costs make small orders of wholesale copies impractical.

We’ll report back in “a few weeks”.

About Mark Willoughby

Mark Willoughby is the author of "After the Event" an adventure story set in a future full of superheroes, giant robots and aliens. He is currently working on a spy novel so he has a very dodgy looking search history.

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